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Home Appearance Checklist


-In summer, a well manicuried lawn and cleanly swept walks.

-In winter, snow and ice removed from walks and driaveway.

-Freshly painted front door and mailbox. Replace front door screen if necessary.

-Absence of clutter in yard and driveway.

-Clean windows.

-Trimmed trees and shrubs.

-Outdoor steps/deck repaired and painted.




-Fresh paint wherever possible.

-Clean ventilating fans in kitchen and bath.

-Kitchen floors in like new condition.

-Absence of clutter on kitchen counter and through out house.

-Dripping faucet repaired.

-Clean towels in the bathroom.

-Loose knobs, sticking windows and doors repaired.

-Fireplace cleaned and filled with logs.

-Working light bulbs and switches, especially in basement and closets.

-Caulking in tub, showers and sinks in good repair.

-Excess furniture and clothing removed from house and stored elsewhere.  



-Make your home as appealing as possible.

-Open draperies and blinds. Turn on lights.

-Turn off TV. Soft low playing music is pleasant.

-Remove dogs or cats(if possible) to the yard. Be careful of lingering animal odors.

-Remove dirty dishes and laundry.

-Make beds.

-Sweep floors.

-Make sure home is tidy.

-Home should smell clean but keep in mind that many people are sensitive to perfumes and chemicals.

-Never smoke in home when trying to sell. It greatly depreciates the value.